History before birth of Keats and during his life

During the 18th Century, (the "age of reason") there was a movement from Classicism to Romanticism.

The American Revolution:

1775 - 1783 Conflict between 13 British colonies in North America and Britain. Led to the American War Of Independence Constitution of the United States 1787.

The French Revolution:

1789 - 1799 Transformation of political system. Absolute Monarchy to Equality for all.
Romantic poetry was a rebellion against rigid, intellectual hierarchy. Poetry replaced it with emotion.

The Peterloo Massacre:

Manchester 16th August 1819. Riot cuased Hustings of Manchester Patriotic Union Society- Wanted Parliamentary Reform

Science and Technology:

Industrial Revolution (started in late 17 hundreds) gathered pace in the Romantic Period. Believed science and technology meant that individuality and identity was lost by machines.

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