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Here I'll post notification of any alterations or additions to the John Keats website.


New design launched! You might need to completely clear your browser cache to see everything properly, even a Ctrl F5 may not do the job. Feel free to use the contact page to send me any feedback.


Website FINALLY now has a new domain which actually relates to Keats :)
All pages across should seamlessly redirect through to the relevant page on, and will stay in place for a few weeks while Google sorts it all out...
I also have a new email address you can contact which is - please see the contact page for more details.


New website redesign


New article about To Autumn


Victorian and Modern activity sheet


Key Poems summary added to Revision notes


Lamia Revision notes
Endymion notes
Isabella notes

Additions to Keats Letters and Other Writers


Article on Negative Capability
Romanticism revision/information sheet
Exam hints and tips


Notes on Hyperion- see 'poetry' page
Revision activity added- see 'revision notes' page

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