National Keats Day

John Keats gravestone in Rome

This page with our idea for a National Keats day has been floating about since this site was first set up. It's just been casually sitting here but it would be nice to make this a reality.

The Keats Campaign has been founded purely to pass on the Keats message and make the world recognise how influential he was and always will be.

We believe there should be a National Keats day where we can celebrate his life and remarkable achievements. We came to the conclusion that this should be on the anniversary of his death:

The 23rd of February.

Keats wasn't very happy about people knowing his birthday, which is believed to be Halloween. Whilst celebrating his birth date sounds nicer, making the 31st October into Keats Day isn't likely to happen. It would cause all sorts of conflicts - skeleton outfits mixed with cravats and such - no I can't see it happening personally (even if it sounds cool).

So on the 23rd February, the world can join in the celebrations by reading his poetry, being airy fairy and questioning what life is really all about.

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