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If you'd like to cite this website for any reason, you could use 'Keats' Kingdom -', or something like that :)

As stated on the homepage, this is a website for students studying Keats, written by students studying Keats. The majority of the content on this website was written when I was 18 - 19, and some parts have been written by college friends when they too were 18 - 19.

I should state that I'm not an expert on Keats. You may find it useful to post questions regarding Keats and his poetry on the Keats forum. (but check previous threads first as your questions may have already been addressed)

As far as I'm aware, there are no factual inaccuracies on this website, but I welcome any corrections.

So with all that out the way, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can use this contact form below.
If you have any nice Keatsian photography you think would look good on the site, send me a Flickr link or something - I will credit you and link back to you.


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