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What exactly is Keats' Kingdom?

This website has humble origins in 2004 when I was studying Keats poetry. Some college friends also studying Keats were joking about how "Keats rocks" and that we should have some sort of base for our own thoughts and ideas about Keats poetry. With some shaky website creation experience, I was asked to build a website for this. I gave it the name "Keats Appreciation Society" and the intention was to have a campaign for a National Keats Day.

Skip forward a year or so (when the excitement had died down), looking through my college notes, I didn't like the idea of all this information going to waste.

So the site developed into a sort of hub of my notes, mock exam papers etc for Keats poetry. I managed to upload most of it, but unfortunately it's quite difficult to drum up the enthusiasm to work on a website when you do that all day as a full time job.

With much more web experience under my belt, in 2013 it was time for a new look and some other stuff to propel it into this decade.

Keats' Kingdom is here to help other students basically, and hey, maybe we will get a National Keats Day eventually!

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